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About Us


                      A HISTORY, A CONCEPT

A success that has its origins in 2002 with the opening of the first car center in Bonapriso Douala Cameroon. EXCEL CAR CENTER is a unique concept that makes perfect sense from the five letters that make up its name. EXCEL who comes from EXCELLENCE.

                       AN INNOVATIVE CONCEPT!

The idea was to bring together in one center all the products, services, modern equipment related to car repairs and maintenance and the CAR WASH service.
At EXCEL CAR CENTER, a team of experienced service consultants is at your disposal until delivery, so it gives you a warm welcome, circumscribes your needs in order to offer you a superior service for more satisfaction.

Above all, many services seen are offered including:

     Mounting tires and rims
    The geometry adjustment
    Replacement of disks
    Brake pads, shock absorbers
    Distribution and clutch kits
    The color of the glass surfaces ...

In a complete maintenance program, you will opt for a simple oil change or a thorough overhaul. Our range of services
finally includes the car wash service.

                   OUR VISION

Create a PARADISE FOR THE PASSIONATE OF THE AUTOMOBILE. for this we want to offer Cameroon and the sub-region, a place where lovers of cars can share this same passion, namely: the automobile in all its forms.